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village d'espoir (villope)|Benin

Planification, prise en charge des orphelins lutte contre le trafic des enfants au Bénin: The Village of Hope ;An Orphanage Dedicated to the Rescue of Children Caught in the Web of Poverty and Child Slavery in Bénin Africa

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Help Stop Child Slavery Traffic in West AFRICA

Jul 11, 2009

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Help Stop Child Slavery Traffic In Benin West Africa

Village of Hope Benin

An Orphanage Dedicated to the Rescue of Children
Caught in the web Of Poverty and Child Slavery

Meet David Fiagbenou, the director of the Village of Hope….

When did the Village of Hope begin?
It began in 1998 with 40 children.

Why did you start the Village of Hope?
To give hope to children who have been abandoned by their families after the death of their parents or who have been sold into child slavery.

How many children are in the program now?
We are now caring for 157 children from 3 years old to 14 years old.

What brings the children to the Village of Hope? 56 % of our children have no living parents and are true orphans. 44% of our children were rescued from the child slavery traffic.

What do you do with the children?
We give them a basic education. We teach the Bible. They are also taught life skills that they can use to develop their own careers.

So, you are a Christian-based organization?
Yes, absolutely!
We attempt to follow Jesus Christ and His teachings in everything we do. We are unashamedly Christian in our outlook and intent.

Have any of the children graduated from school yet? No, not yet. Our oldest children are now 14 and are now in high school.

How long do the children stay with you?
Until they are 18 years old.

What are some of the needs of the Village of Hope Benin?

Prayer Support
• We are presently out of food, we need brothers and sisters to assist us urgently.
• For the Lord to help sustain all of the workers dedicated to the rescue and training of these precious children.
• For the ongoing material and financial support of the Village of Hope.
• That many people will make a Faith Pledge of support. This will allow us to budget for and plan for the long term.

Basic Needs
• We are on a VERY limited budget and can always use funds to pay for food and medicine and help to pay stipends for our 7 teachers and the workers of the orphanage.
• The children outgrow their clothes and we are always trying to patch and mend, but it can only go so far.

Material Support:
• We are needing computers for the office that can also be used as teaching tools with the children.
• We are also looking for two laptop computers with PowerPoint projectors to use in the Villages to show the people the ugly reality of child slavery.
• We also need sewing machines for the sewing classes.

Construction Needs:
• We are completely out of space and need to construct and furnish with desks 6 more classrooms. The children are now squeezed into 6 classrooms with as many as 60 children in one classroom.
We have plans to construct more dormitory space. We need a building that can sleep 60 children. We now have 3 dormitories housing 45 children with other children
‘’famed out’’ to local families for their sleeping quarters.

• Another need is for a dining hall.
Currently, the children eat in their classrooms at their desks.
• We would also like to put in place a playground with swings and other climbing apparatus.

Transportation needs:
• We are desperately needing a VAN for the Village of Hope so that we can transport the children to the doctor and continue our visits in the local villages to educate the population about the problems with the child slavery.
Also we need a vehicle for the administration staff to use in conducting business.

Contact information in Africa:
Village of Hope
B.P. 11
Azove, Rep. Du Benin
West Africa
Email address: villageofhopeafrica@yahoo.com
Website : www.villope.org (in building)