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Purpose to check email list verify

Aug 14, 2019

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What makes an email campaign perfect? What steps should we take to fulfill our purpose successfully?

E-mail marketing has become a must for customer faithfulness. Your email may be sent to an inbox. But it does not mean that it will be 100% effective. An effective email marketing is not so easy. If you can do that, it will be a great success. For this, It is essential to take care of your email database, chat to clients one on one, take care of the message, and measure the feedback with email list verify .

The advantages of email marketing

Email marketing continues to allow us to reach our customers more directly and successfully. There are multiple reasons why creating an email campaign is a very good idea:

It is effective

The user voluntarily gives us his address because he wants to follow our news. It is therefore important to send them the latest news and the details of our offer. Email marketing serves as a loyalty tool.

Allows segmentation

It is very easy to segment your email database to send each offer only to the target users. In this way, we can make a specific message for each type of user we want to address.

It is measurable

Measuring the effectiveness of an email campaign is very useful. Tools like MailChimp, allow you to analyze as many clicks, open rates, CRT, impact, etc for email list verify .

Flexibility of formats

It allows us the opportunity of configuring the email as we want. It helps to highlight an offer or several and preparing an invitation for an event. It also supports you to increase subscriptions, highlight news, etc.

It is economic

It does not need a big investment to launch an email marketing campaign. It also eliminates fixed costs and allows you to know all expenses. It instantly checks the return on investment.

It is a non-intrusive medium

The user who wants to receive an email is aware of the action he has just taken. But it does not mean he/she needs all your products information. Of course, it is important that you bear in mind that the email list verify shipments can only be made to those people who really want to receive notifications in their email. If this is the case, the conversion of the campaign will be much higher .

Tips when creating an emailing campaign

●     Find a striking title. Like content, the title is also important for email marketing. Try to get the user's attention by making an exclusive newsletter. Make sure your message is short and provide direct information.

●     The presentation of your email, it matters and a lot. Check the spelling of the email. Take care of the template you are going to use. Do not abuse the images or long texts. Always do examine before sending the final newsletter so that everything looks correct.

●     Less is always more. It is not about filling the newsletter with information. Present the content in a simple, modest and direct way.

●     Do not forget to identify the email with the header and logo of your company. Always put the link "see web version" in case the user has a problem when opening your mail.

●     Create impact through a featured article, it is a good way to draw attention. Write the most important information in your email, emphasizing what you want to highlight or promote.

●     Beware of the images. Using a perfect image is important to draw attention in a visual way. Take care of the images that you want to use. Make sure your image size is perfect. Many email providers block image by default if the format is too large.

●     Social buttons. They are useful to share the content. Thus facilitate the dissemination of information, as well as put our social profile buttons. To use these buttons they can follow us without problems. Then they can search everything want to know about us.

●     Your data always in the footer. It will be useful to put your contact data and all the information about the company that you consider essential. So that the user can get in touch with you.

●     Unsubscribe button. In many newsletters, there were no unsubscribe button. It does not appear anywhere. But it is essential for the user if he/she wishes to unsubscribe at any time.

You usually get plenty of emails. It is difficult to understand which newsletters should be subscribed to. So, a list of our favorite examples has been compiled for you. Read on to find some excellent examples of email campaigns and something excellent about them.

charity: water

charity: water has taken a different path. When someone gives the money to the project, their cash goes on a lengthy trip. Most of the charities are absolutely not telling you about such a trip. But charity: water utilizes automated email messages to demonstrate donors how their cash has an effect over time. Even you don't need to read the email with the project schedule and the associated table. You understand where you are throughout the process straight away. You can, therefore, proceed to other stuff in your inbox.

Brooks Sports

This allows businesses to show loyalty and create value to both the goods selected by their best customers. On the bottom of the email, the Blue CTA button reads: "See Desiree's go-to gear." Brooks Sports hit the iron with a prideful email while warm. It was certainly launched and transmitted.



BuzzFeed has excellent topic lines and preview text. They're constantly brief and punchy. It perfectly matches the remaining contents of BuzzFeed. You particularly like the accompaniment of the text in the preview.



Uber's e-mails are beautiful and convenient. Subscribers to emails will be notified of email deals and promotions. You will be surprised how short the first description is, together with a very clear CTA! It's ideal for subscribers who browse the email fast.


TheSkimm to email list verify

The daily newsletter of TheSkimm is particularly smooth, brief, and punchy. But TheSkimm's newsletters aren't just the power in it. E-mails, like anniversaries and birthdays, are fun to get from milestones. In specific, the beauty of anniversary messages is that subscribers do not need to enter any additional information. They can be used by a number of senders. In addition, the time frame can be changed according to the business strategy.



Mom and Dad Money

It's nothing unique from the design point of view. It reads like a friend or colleague's email asking for a super quick favor. This original email was not only fantastic, but also better in reaction to your responses. You got a long, comprehensive private e-mail from Matt within a few days of replying to the questionnaire. He would like to thank you for completing the questionnaire, providing many useful tips and connections to resources specifically designed to answer your questions. His skill in company, communication and clear commitment to his readers impress you very much.



Emails from Poncho are vivid, useful and delectable GIFs. It can be scanned very easily. The copy is short but smart with some excellent jests. It is well aligned with the brand. See the "hang out outside of email" copy near the bottom.



My colleague Pam Vaughan has clicked on the subject line of this e-mail from the beauty product subscription service Birchbox. It read: "We Forgot Something in Your February Box!" Birchbox did not forget to insert the discount code into its box when you read the email copy below. But it sure was a smart way to get her attention.



It's simple to swallow, it catches your eye and it's emotional. Like the fun GIF in an e-mail from Postmates, this doesn't just make you enjoy looking, but also a great Chipotle! You can also use animated GIFs to display a fun header in your marketing. Draw the eyes of people to some portion of the e-mail or show your products and services in practice.


Perhaps you might think a company email that you haven't used is difficult to love. But, thanks to a couple of whimsical charts and an emoticon, Dropbox discovered a way to make its "coming back" adorable and funny e mail. Moreover, to emphasize the message, the email was kept brief and enjoyable. Dropbox didn't want to get in. It simply wishes to remind the recipient of the brand and why it could be useful. You may include an incentive for the recipient to return to your service as a time-limited coupon when sending these emails.