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Latest Oracle Interview Questions and answers

Aug 14, 2019

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In case you're searching for Oracle Course SOA Interview Questions for Experienced or Fresher's, you are at correct spot. There are part of chances from many reputed organizations in the world. Onlineitguru offers Advanced Oracle SOA Interview Questions 2019 that encourages you in splitting your meeting and obtain dream vocation as Oracle SOA Analyst.

. What is Oracle?


Oracle is a relational database management system, which Establishes data in the form of tables. Oracle makes skilful use of all system resources, on all hardware architecture, to deliver Incomparable performance, price performance, and scalability.


. What are various parts of Oracle SOA Suite?

  • BPEL Process Manager
  • Mediator
  • Human Workflow
  • Business Rules
  • Adapters
  • Adapters – File, JMS (Queue and Topic), AQ, DB Adapter

. How can we secure our web services using Oracle SOA Suite?

      When accessing the services should be restricted to the group, then service should be secured via   WSM (Web service Manager)

. How can we secure our web services using Oracle SOA Suite?

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Transport Level Security
  • Application Level Security

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. What is SOA testing?

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) testing is a style where the components interact Entire a network. This architecture is used for developing the processes and applications to fulfil the business requirements.

This framework makes it easier for software Components to communicate with each other Entire a network. Modifications to a particular component can be create without affecting the complete system.

. How to increase the transaction timeouts in SOA?

The transaction timeout require to be increased, all the below settings timeout value require to be changed to the expected Timeout value.

  • JTA
  •  Engine Bean
  • Delivery Bean

. What are the key features of Oracle Service Bus or OSB?

  • Supports Multiprotocol Messaging
  • Enables Location Transparency
  • Handles Dynamic Routing
  • Enables Message Transformation
  • Enables Service Orchestration
  • Supports Message Enrichment
  • Provides Service Security
  • Implements Service Level Agreement



. What is ESB in SOA?


The product of application within a service-oriented architecture communicates through a channel. Is called ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). It is used to perform a different variant of the client-server architecture where any application using this system can be the client or the server.


. What is OSB in SOA?


    The OSB (Oracle Service Bus) is used for virtualizing, managing, and integrating the services    in a Divided The architecture. It helps to manage the interactions between the applications and services.


They can be developed through a lightweight service call. The services developed using the OSB can work as a proxy


What is Oracle View? To Write the Syntax


In Oracle, the view is a virtual table. Every view has a query attached to it. (The query is a SELECT statement that identifies the columns and rows of the table(s) the view uses.) It is stored in the Oracle data dictionary and does not store any data. It can be executed when called. A view is generated by a query joining one or Major tables.



CREATE VIEW view name AS 

SELECT columns

 FROM tables 

WHERE conditions;


. How many memory layers are in the Oracle shared pool?



 Oracles shared pool Contains of two layers. They are


1. Library cache

2. Data dictionary cache.


Library cache: This layer has information about SQL statements that were parsed, information about cursors and any plan data.


Data Dictionary cache: this Layer has information about the accounts of the users, their Advantage and segments information

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