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Praise LORD! He keeps us safe. He will become like a tree planted by rivers of waters.(Jeremiah 17.8)

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God save the souls of those 32 young people burned in a club in Bucharest on October 30th night! The entire town was scared of the calamity. Other 146 were injured, and 90 of them are |още

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Oct 14, 2016

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Whoever that wants to come after Me, deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. (Saint Mark, chapter 8, verse 34).        

These were the words heard by the Saint on the Holy Mess (Liturgy)

Called More Useful, Saint Parascheva made a lot of miracles, especially in Romania

Was born in 1025, in the vilage Epivata, in Turkey.

Saint Parascheva followed the most known Saints given by the Church until then, by visiting Constantinople.She helped those in need, and loved the way of the Cross of Christ and the holly places. She retired in a monastery, and she lived a life of asceticism and complete dedication to Christ.

She returned then to her native places, where died at 27 years.

She built buildings for poor people, orphans and widows, becoming a philathropist, following this way St. Basil the Great.

Today is celebrated the Saint Parascheva.

Let’s pray for those in need and Christ glory, for Her name and Help!