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Academy of Film, Fine Arts & Higher Education

Academy of Film, Fine Arts & Higher Education

DavidHeavenerDavid Heavener shares his secrets of Hollywood success with you, including how he became an award-winning filmmaker and actor producing and distributing hundreds of features for HBO, Showtime, USA and others worldwide.

Even though David arrived in Hollywood without any film school, experience, or connections, within three years he was acclaimed as one of the most successful indie filmmakers. He has starred with legends such as Tony Curtis and Martin Landau and many others. Martin Landau says, “David’s film Eye of the Stranger is one of the best-directed indie films I’ve starred in.” In this intense and intimate academy, David shares with you principles and techniques you will never learn in traditional film school. To access the complete online video courses or learn from David in person visit http://DavidHeavener.com

Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to sharpen your skills, a film school graduate, or new to filmmaking, this online Academy is your home to success.

The academy is one of the only film schools that is also an active film production company – we make feature films and TV and Video on Demand series’. David has a heart to teach, train and enable his students to go out into the marketplace with cutting-edge knowledge and wisdom to achieve their dreams. Over the past ten years over one thousand students have completed David’s unique academy. Now you can get his complete course never offered before in one streamlined online study. Many of David’s students have achieved success producing, directing, writing and even in film distribution and marketing.

Martin Landau said, “Everything you need to know about filmmaking you can learn from David Heavener."

David Heavener has truly done it all and done it well and now he gifts his exclusive knowledge to you.

In the full online course at DavidHeavener.com you'll learn these topics and more:

• How to transform your idea, story or book into a full length screenplay
What’s involved in selecting Genre
• Script development: How to write the one-liner, synopsis, one-paragraph-er, and step outline
• How to develop dynamic characters
• How to pen compelling dialog

• Where to seek out investors
• How to close the deal and get the check

• How to know who not to hire
• Creating a BIG-budget look on a tight budget
• Casting Dos and Don’t’s

• Become part of the actors’ performance instead of directing them
• Legitimate Fight Scenes

• Should you self-distribute? What you’ll need to know
• How to build a film career through a social media fan base

“Refreshing. Encouraging. Realistic. David’s online academy is the perfect tool for filmmakers to realize their dreams.” Deborah Gilels, 20th Century Fox

“What a great online academy! I have attended many over the years; yours was the best!” Ron Harrison, CBS


Mr. Heavener shares what he learns working with stars such as Martin Landau and Kevin Sizemore and Robert Carradine.

• Discover and refine your essence
• Improv, Cold Read, Scene Study

• Create the Winning Headshot, resume and demo reel

• Self-Taping Strategies from a casting director
• What to do Before you Seek an Agent

“After my first class I signed with my top-choice agent!” Holly A.

“David Heavener is without a doubt the best and most exciting teacher out there today,” Chuck Saale.

“I learned more in one class than from years in the industry,“ Lori A.

“When you watch Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando you may ask "How did they know to do that?" Or "I didn't know what they were going to do next!"
Guess what! They didn't know either. But that's the secret to my technqiue and that's what you'll learn in this intensive,” – David Heavener

"David's class is terrific!" Yeena F.


Course Offerings:
Entrepreneur Academy, School of Fine Arts, Biblical Studies and more.
Masters in their field share their cutting- edge methods.


More classes are being added all the time! Want to find out when? Email OnTheSetWorkshop@gmail.com

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