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Gracepoint Church-Jim Devney

Gracepoint Church-Jim Devney

GracepointChurchMessages from Pastor Jim Devney, Rightly dividing the word of truth.
Gracepoint Church is in New Whiteland, IN 46184

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Hell: Yes or No? Your Choice

93 Прегледи

In The Midst Of Chaos, Remain Steady

326 Прегледи

In The Midst Of Chaos, Remain Steady

2,541 Прегледи

Apostacy From The True Word

381 Прегледи

Communion Service 7-28-19

234 Прегледи

Don't Be Ashamed Of Paul

205 Прегледи

We Have A Secure Salvation

118 Прегледи

Earth And Heaven

162 Прегледи

God's Goal For The Believer

106 Прегледи

America In Prophecy

362 Прегледи

Jonah 4:1-11

144 Прегледи

Confession of Sins

217 Прегледи

Jonah 3: 1-10

165 Прегледи

Get Up and Come Home

220 Прегледи

The Book of Jonah Introduction

309 Прегледи

Godly Moms and Grandmas Are Needed

166 Прегледи

The Key To Changing Our Life and Behavior

284 Прегледи

There Is Hope In Death

674 Прегледи

Deceived By Error and Blind As A Bat

1,324 Прегледи

Trials and Difficulties Of Life

449 Прегледи

Standing On The Word Of God

678 Прегледи

Marriages Faithfulness

443 Прегледи

The Stages Of Marriage

281 Прегледи

The Institution of Marriage

527 Прегледи

Marriage and It's Resurrection

554 Прегледи

Parents, It Does Matter How We Live

571 Прегледи

The True Gospel and A False One

941 Прегледи

страница/сайт от 2
1 - 35 до 45 Видеоклипове