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Marlene Klausner|Apr 03, 2008

Fit & Dance

Well ... I do this every Thursday evening. I might not look unathletic but honestly ... I'm doing NOTHING to keep in shape! So I forced myself a month ago going jogging every second day and joining this FIT & DANCE group once a week which is really |още
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Marlene Klausner

Christen am Ball|Apr 04, 2008

Christen am Ball - the team

From left to right: front row: Pastor Daniel Zuch (Baptistengemeinde Beheimgasse), Vicky Harris (Fürbitte für Österreich), Pfarrer i.R. Klaus Lehner (evangelische Kirche, A.B.) // 2nd row: Deno Elliott (The Tea Bus Ministries), Bruce Clewett |още
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Christen am Ball

faithstories|Apr 04, 2008

Prayers Needed for My Three Year Old

My last post was about choosing faith or fear. I was handed a bit of the “unknown” today and was faced with that choice regarding our oldest son Connor. Connor has been experiencing leg pain that has made him limp a little over the course of |още
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Alana333|Apr 05, 2008

Its Official

I am sooo super excited...I just received my offical German Passport in the mail!!! Thank the Lord!|още
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Eve Inspired|Apr 05, 2008


Praisemedia has a forward vision of creating relevant Faith-based content for viewers of today's world. When Andreas Kisslinger heard of Eva's Desert he immediately knew he had to sponsor the film in an effort to support Christian film-makers and |още
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Eve Inspired

Eve Inspired|Apr 05, 2008


On speed casting day at the 168 project, I was looking for someone to play a young Afghani girl around 14 to 15 years of age. There were plenty of sweet blond girls on casting day, but what about a dark haired exotic looking other-wordly type? Look |още
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Eve Inspired

Kat|Apr 06, 2008


I want to share some of my personal experiences regarding prayer. For me, prayer has been the key link in my relationship with God. For no wonder, the Scriptures do say that God’s house is a house of prayer (Isa 56:7). In order to approach God, I |още
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Back to Europe

It's been a while since the last Founder's Blog entry, but we have been working on cross.tv around the clock. Andreas is back in Europe, catching up on lots of work at the office, while producing PEOPLE shows, attending to administrative cross.tv |още
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swat94|Apr 07, 2008

Black Rattlesnake (crazy,huh?)

Well,this weekend i went fishing wuth my dad and three of my bros. iw as going to ketchup (just kidding) with my youngest bro when a saw a weed move. i thought it was a harmless one until i heard the deadly rattle. my dad said to kill it. i tried |още
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Lakewood Church|Apr 08, 2008

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Lakewood Church

faithstories|Apr 08, 2008

Connor on the Mend & Spring Poem

Thank you to so many of you for praying for Connor. He is on the mend and has not experienced any major pain since we took him to the doctor last week. We had no idea what the tests would uncover but we are told it is not serious and we give |още
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Los Angeles, 10:21 PST

Back in LA. After a busy week in Vienna, I am back in Los Angeles for various cross.tv related business meetings. I am in a cafe close to LAX, picking up a rental car in a view minutes here and driving up to Pasadena to the eHarmony headquarters to |още
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168 Hour Film Festival

The 168 hour film festival was awesome and our sponsored movie "Eva's Desert" came in second for audience award on Friday night. I am rushing out the door, but just wanted to get the news out. I will be blogging about it tonight. Look forward to |още
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Eve Inspired|Apr 15, 2008

EVA'S DESERT - 168project FILM FESTIVAL 2008

EVA'S DESERT screened Friday April 11th during the 168project film festival coming in 2nd place for the audience favorite award for Friday evening. The film was not eligible for awards along with 25 other films due to late entries. However, the |още
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Eve Inspired

faithstories|Apr 15, 2008

Learning About Grace

It’s tax day! I don’t know how that makes you feel but it makes me feel great, at least this year. A couple of the cutest deductions EVER (Connor and Caden) and owning a house makes for a “pay out” from the government instead of a “pay |още
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