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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |още

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Sherra (Преди 58 дни ) (0)

In case user have forgotten Gmail password and username or you are not getting the verification code. In case user have forgotten password he/she will be asked few question in order to confirm the identity. If user in finding difficulty then follows this carefully if more information is required then go to Google account recovery help.

What are the steps to recover Gmail?

There are various methods to recover account  or set new password, even if account has been deleted , these recovery steps would help you to get the account back quite easily. Follow the steps to perform in hassle free way

  • Open account login page on the device and enter the login ID at the asked field, next step is to mention password also juts under the field you may find option more ways to sign in, click on that
  • After going to that user will get an option for more ways to sign in click on that.
  • Next screen will appear where user have to provide last remember password if you do not remember then click on ways to recover id
  • Choose the best suitable option by which want to recover
  • Enter the desired option either email or phone number
  • Enter the recovery email address phone number and press send button
  • User will recover the verification code that will be needed to enter , once user have entered the code then press on continue
  • Screen will be redirected to change password page, where user can change the password and enter the password change and click on save changes.
  • Remember to always input strong password which consist of sign and symbols.

Try these steps in order to get back the account if case user is unable to  perform then contact to Google account recovery customer care service or call to their helpline  number , their professionally skilled trainer will help all around, user can also drop a mail in case on their official  mail address.

Read More: http:// www.gmailsupportpedia.com/article/google-password-recovery


BillyJhon (Преди 41 дни ) (0)

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