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jatinpcexpert (Преди 53 дни ) (0)

Microsoft Sway is the application by which you can create and share presentations, newsletters, and stories. Sway has a feature through which you can quickly style your presentation without sitting for hours to make it polished. It is very useful in the classroom or in businesses. Microsoft Sway is the digital storytelling app that is available online or with Office 365. It is best for dynamic, and for online content. It is the free app from Microsoft Office which helps in formatting, share reports and making a presentation on the web-based canvas which looks perfect on any screen. You can install this application through www.office.com/setup.

Install Sway App:

For this, first, you have to click on the Start button on your system and then locate Microsoft Store. And then click on the Search button which is in the top right-hand side of the screen and then type Sway. The list will display on your screen and Sway is the first app listed. Now, just select it to view more details and then you have to click on the Get button. Now, Sway will install it on your computer system. After the installation, you have to click on the Launch button. The Sway start screen will appear.

Use Sway Through Web Browser:

First, open your web browser and then enter the address https://sway.office.com/. Now, hit on Enter key. After this, just click on the link to log in to your Microsoft account. Here, the Sway start screen will appear. 

Create A Sway:

Microsoft Sway works through -the Storyline and Cards. The Storyline show the sequencing of your information and the cards are the different types of elements you can include. To create a Sway from scratch, from the Sway screen you have to click on Create New. Then a new Sway will appear with a Heading card. Now you have to enter a Title for your Sway. If you want an image, behind your title then you have to add a Background to the Heading card. Now, just click on the Background image button within the Heading card. Options will appear to add images. Here you can use the drop-down menu to search the sources or you can use the My Device option to upload content. Once you add the image into the Heading card background, it will appear on the card.

Create a Text Card:

For adding content into the Sway, create a text card. For this, first, click on the Insert Content button which is located at the bottom of the first Heading card. Now, from the card options, you have to select Text. Here the Text card will be displayed. Just place your cursor inside the Text card and then add the content which you want to display in the presentation. Now switch to a Heading card by clicking the Heading button. You can use the Emphasize and Accent buttons for additional formatting. And use Bullets and Numbers to display lists. You can add the hyperlink with the Link button. There are three buttons on the Text Card Toolbar: Subtle, Moderate

With the Subtle and Moderate buttons you can change the sizing of this card within the presentation and the Delete button you can delete the card.

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Preview Your Sway:

To see the preview of your Sway, you have to click on the play button which is on the top menu bar.

Add Image:

On the Text card, you have to click on the Insert Content button (+). Then you have to select Image from the options. Now, the Image card will appear. Just locate the image which you want to upload. At last click on the play button to preview your presentation.

Share your Sway:

From your Sway, just you have to click on the Share button. Now, select with whom you want to share your Sway. You can also select if you want people to view or edit your sway. Now, just copy the Link and paste this into an email to share.

For more details, you can visit the official website of MS Office through office.com/setup.


BillyJhon (Преди 43 дни ) (0)

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