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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |още

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JoeClark (Преди 966 дни ) (0)

Hello! I need advice. I just started full time care, the last two years I was only doing a preschool program 3 days a week for children 3 1/2, Most of the kids i work with now are 2 1/5 and up. I took a young toddler (1), Im starting to realize its just not a good fit for my daycare and I cant give him the attention he needs.My set up and program is more towards children 2 1/2 plus. my question is, how do I tell his parents? There is nothing wrong with this child other than age  . I do a two week trial period which allows both parties to cancel. The family really enjoys the daycare and always has good things to say, which of course, makes it harder for me to tell them. What would be the best approach?


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I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



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