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Simona Panaitescu


"Let all that go - hold only on to love." (Interpretation of Scriptures 108 f., through Jakob Lorber)

Моята Молитва

"[1] THEN some of My disciples said: “Lord, all this would be fine if men in this world would not be exposed to temptations to commit sin. A person, in a weak moment, will easily commit |още

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  ...and everything to do with the love of His love. I have taken a glimpse to His wisdom and seen examples of His power. These are the ones who shake and overwhelm the fragile human heart. But I have…

Explanation of the third chapter of Isaiah. The situation of an organized community. “ALSO in this following chapter the prophecy is for now and for the coming times of which I have spoken. [2] The f…

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"None of you have as yet understood why I uncover and explain to you all the depths of My creation, all the innermost aspects of My divine self. Behold, My dear ones, the reason for all this is, to instil…

23 October 1872 ‘Well, on this topic, or what “human dignity” really means, or should mean, there prevail as many viewpoints as there are cultured or educated human beings. For primitive…

psimonel добави нов блог BRINGING BACK THE LOST

"[4] It is easy to love good and honest people and to get on with them; but to go to the sinners and bring them to the correct path; that is a task which demands much self-denial. [5] For if you walk in …

"[13] What a most humble witness John bears before the priests and Levites, since he quite aware who had come to the Earth in Christ. But what is that to the so worldly wise priesthood. They ignored John&r…

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"[1] DO not ever promise a person something you then cannot or – even worse – do not wish to keep for whatever reasons, if you truly want to become children of God. In truth, I tell you, the wo…

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Excerpt of The revealed work "The Great Gospel of John", vol. 9 chapter 23.   "[3] If men go too much astray and become entangled in the enticements of the world and think that they only exist to p…

To you…  the blindest Powerful of the world, Trading the destinies of God’s sons and daughters For your own self destructive pleasures and interests, Cherishing the things of the world…

How can a Christian such as ourselves, believing both in the Scriptures and the New Revelation, answer to an unbeliever about the main possible reasons to be a Christian?... Of course, he could mention s…

"29. And now, you blind scribe of this My new and living Word within you, as also within all of you, look at Adam what he was like in Paradise. He was a perfect man, with one exception, endowed with man…

Our challenges in these troubled End Times are greater than ever... Many people are increasingly eager for spirituality but usually just stick with the mixture of superstition and truth given by instituti…

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Isaiah chapter 3 explained - End Times Revelation: Isn't it obvious?

Explanation of the third chapter of Isaiah. The situation of an organized community. “ALSO in this following chapter the prophecy is for now and for the coming times of which I have spoken. [2] The | още

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