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Jacques Ntamack


Les couches sociales vulnérables ont besoin de nous!


LI.SH.A means LIFE TO SHARE AFRICA. It is a Christian organization that purpose is social transformation and blossoming of the disinherits young  in Africa.

We have a dream of  a generation of young people having experienced Jesus Christ as basis of their social transformation which rises up to help others to know Him so.

jamnt jamnt актуализира молитва Please pray for me in this

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jamnt сега е приятел на [[име]]

jamnt Les couches sociales vulnérables ont besoin de nous!


May he Lord our God less you and help you on yor pad with Him..

jamnt се присъедини към молитвата Pray for Carol Brooke на Andreas

jamnt коментира блогът women rule over God's people

I suggest to be focus in real compassion for those who qre suffering, and in evangelism. The holy spirit will agree us in this subject one day...

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En 2003, Charles Guillot écrivait: « Répondre uniquement aux besoins matériels, c'est espérer   pouvoir changer le monde par des moyens humains ; une présence sociale pour une action uniquement sociale. | още

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