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When their gods is their stomach!

The economy crisis today has made many to know who actually are christian and how they worship their God, if in total submission or obedient to the God they serve or running after their bailout with all their effort or power to secure themselves on what to eat or what to put on.(PHILIPIANS 3:19)
Some of these christians now also find it more usefull to draw closer than ever to their creator, because it is wise to note that events surrending the whole earth has prove that man can not deal directly against any problem facing manknd, only need the grace and help from God to help us solve these earthly problems.
Even in the eve of this crsis some are still pursuing pleasures instead of God, (2 TIMOTHY 3:4), these pleasures includes , sex, money, carreers, security, success and fame. Some bilonaire have commited suicide, a report from Germany shows that a man who was a Miloniare left home to die, after seeing that his business were collapsing, the body was found in a train track.
Some are running away from their responsibilities after founding out that they have disapointed their client, The police now run after many Ceo,s who have involved themselves in frauldulent practices.
For the genuine christians, The Bible said , seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added on to you.
Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart (Galathians 6:9).
God is a spirit and those who worship Him , should worship Him in spirit and truth.
written by Pastor Bright Omoregbee.

Believers Assembly Ministry

The time has come for all christian to pray for God's protections and Restoration .


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Believers Assembly Ministry

A man will have a breakthrough only when there is an obstacle and no success except you have pass through trials. The earth today is not pleasing due to some of the wicked people that makes not comfortable and without that many will not seek the face of God,

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