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Zinaida *******


"The winner is the lose, who could rose up". "He who overcomes will inherit all this".

Моята Молитва

Greeting my friends! I just study my profession. I ask support in prayer that God will grant me wisdom for work that I need to accomplish and wisdom how to deal with people. I am |още

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Home Home When we truly happy. 
My Christian faith and Scripture verses, which important for me:
I believe in Jesus Christ. This is one of the best things, which I have
in my life. He is my all and all. He gives me hope and wisdom. The Lord
transforms my character and directs my steps.
The verse, which I like most, is the Scripture verses "He who overcomes will inherit all this".

My favorite activities:
I like to participate in church activities such as: prayer - meetings and Bible-studies.
I enjoy preaching the gospel and like to make friendships.
If to speak about a prosaic part of life...
My profession is a bookkeeper, thanks to God. I like to do it.
I have recently retained to college to finish my B.A. in accounting.
I am a Jew that made immigration from Russia 18 years ago.
I speak Hebrew, English and Russian.


Hi, my name is Brandi How I caress myself, look here http://v.ht/i18ixx

Zinaida Zinaida актуализира молитва Prayer for wisdom .

Zinaida закри молитва Contract agreement.




can you teach me HEBREW.

Good luck

Blessings and welcome;


Let us live so as to be worthy of that great grace, and not do injury to it. So mighty is the physician who has come to us that he has healed all our sins! http://zh.cross.tv/profile/77576?go=blogs&action=show&

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