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nadine tiples

Hopeful Nadya|Philippines

There's a supernatural praise rising up in my heart! Rejoicing in the Lord!

Моята Молитва

I surrender everything to You Lord.Apart from You I am nothing and You know the best for me. Today, I ask for Your comfort and peace. Help me to get over with my failures, frustrations and |още

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God's unfailing love!

Mar 22, 2016

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Regardless of the road you travel:

-lonely lane,

-broken-hearted boulevard,

-poverty parkway

There's no place that you can go that God can't follow.

No heartbreak, no betrayal, no rejection, no failure, no disappointments, and no evil can stop Him from coming near.

God will always come for His people, He cannot fail you.

He will never forget you . He will never give up on you