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nadine tiples

Hopeful Nadya|Philippines

There's a supernatural praise rising up in my heart! Rejoicing in the Lord!

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I surrender everything to You Lord.Apart from You I am nothing and You know the best for me. Today, I ask for Your comfort and peace. Help me to get over with my failures, frustrations and |още

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The difference prayer makes

Mar 21, 2016

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Does prayer have any real impact on our world? Ot it is merely a private conversation with God?

When a New Jersey couple learned that a man had been released from prison and had moved into their area, they started praying for him.Then they paid him a visit and opened their home to a weekly breakfast for ex-offenders like him. Now, 22 years later, the area's most despised men have one place to go where they are welcome and treated respectfully.

What would happen if we followed literally Jesus' command to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us? What if we became known for approaching heaven on behalf of outcasts and disagreeable people?

In a scene recorded in the Book of Revelation the apostle John foresees a direct linkage  between the visible and the invisible worlds. At a climatic moment of history, heaven and earth is quiet. Seven angels stand with seven trumpets,waiting .Silence reigns, as if all heaven is listening on tiptoe. Then  an angel collects the prayers of God's people on earth-all accumulated prayers if praise,-despair, petition,lament, abandonment-mixes them with incense and presents them before the throne of God. The silence finally breaks when the fragrant prayers are hurled down to earth: Setting off a storm of thunderings, lightnings and an  earthquake.

The message is clear: the prayears are essential agents in the final victory over evil,suffering, and  death.

GOD's work is done to those who pray.