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great to be alive and praise Jesus my Savior

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I pray Lord that you will touch the heart of your people as they view Your word through the many ways it is presented on this web site. That they know and understand they are empowered to |още

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We must look past ourselves

Oct 30, 2009

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We must give back into the kingdom of God because He is always giving out to us.  Galatians 6:6-10 tells us that we will reap what we sow, not just what we hear.  T.D. Jakes used this scripture to show that some of us are keepers of the flame.  If you are in a church and love your shephard, I encourage you to communicate to him/her in all good things.  Help them and keep their flame for God growing, not just glowing.  Tithing is something we all take part in so our 90% is blessed.  There is more to do in the kingdom than just paying our tithes and giving offerings of money.  We need to keep our shephards lifted in prayer and encourage them and thank them for their love for us in Christ Jesus.  When you are asked to do something in the body of Christ do it with a heart of love for Jesus not selfish motives or with a grudge.