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cesar guevara

cesar guevara|Mexico

I want to have a million friends and most powerful prayer

I've always been fascinated military helicopters, and more facinan me when instead of going loaded with arms and soldiers to war, are loaded with humanitarian aid ...

Siempre me han facinado los Helicopteros Militares, pero mas me facinan cuando en lugar de ir cargados con armas y soldados para la guerra, van cargados con ayuda humanitaria...


Hi, my name is Kate All my dirty fantasies, look http://cutt.us/im21xxx

Ultimos tiempos

Hola Gracia y paz le sea aumentada, en Jesús el todopoderoso hijo de dios

paula garcia

Bendiciones mi querido hermano


I greet you with the holy kiss from India on our ministry behalf


We invite you with whole heart to see our orphans and bless them in person, Pastor Rao

cesar guevara е писал/а на cross.board на parhomchik

cesar guevara се присъедини към молитвата This is the day... на hans2

cesar guevara се присъедини към молитвата Thank You Lord на Junita

cesar guevara се присъедини към молитвата Mis queridos aigos Oro, para que tu oracion sea co на kella

cesar guevara се присъедини към молитвата HAGGAI LEADERSHIP AREA SEMINAR 11TH-13TH FEB 13 на Vision Bible College

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