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Apostle Dr.Victor Jogee  (Th.D)

vjogee|Trinidad and Tobago

Reaching Souls the heart of Jesus

Senior Pastors :Apostle Dr. Victor & Pastor Karen Jogee

Church:           Endtime Harvest Ministries
                          World Evangelism

Address:        190 Southern Main Rd. Marabella Trinidad, West Indies

Phone Nos:     1-868-658-4619  Church
                      1-868-743-8298  Mobile

Email: vjogee@gmail.com 


Apostle,Evangelist,Pastor,Teacher, National Coordinator.

Reaching Souls the Heart of Jesus

Preaching /Teaching the Word Of God

Training, Empowering, Equipting the Saints,

Missions Outreach Programs


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vjogee Reaching Souls the heart of Jesus

vjogee актуализира лична страница


Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

vjogee актуализира лична страница

vjogee [[name] добави новa галерия Worship

vjogee [[name] добави новa галерия

vjogee се присъедини към молитвата GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! на Ezra

vjogee се присъедини към молитва на ramah1

vjogee коментира галерията Feeding the Tottaly Neglected in the Society

May God continue to use you and your people to bless others as God blesses you

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