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Моята Молитва

Let me be a light in times like these. I'll find my strength when I'm down here on my knees.

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My name is Colleen Michelle. I grew up in a Christian home and you'd think I'd know GOD from that time you're mistaken!!
Of course I knew about JESUS and have heard about all the Bible stories there are of HIM. I thought I had a pretty good life: no troubles and hardships.. going through life like normal people would...Undecided

But one day our youth pastor talked about "comfort zone".. now I haven't heard of that at that time..
He said that people who are stuck in their comfort zones aren't really Christians and that their life is useless!!
WOW did that hit me hard!! I sat at the edge of my seat and listened to him..He said that true Christians are led by the HOLY SPIRIT and are those who face a lot of trials and hardships in their lives..
Long story short: I made a fresh commitment and have been walking now from then on with my Savior!!  Smile

Now something about myself:
I love listening to music but I listen only to Gospel music.. I love bands like Building429,Seventh Day Slumber,Casting Crowns,Stellar Kart,33Miles, etc,etc. I listen to all kinds of music.. Rock,Country,Pop, but most importantly Worship 'cause that leads me right to the Throne of GOD and I can be saturated in HIS presence!!
I love meeting new people and visiting new places.. Love Food!!(though man shall not live on bread alone!!)...

I love spending time with GOD and just listen to what HE has to say instead of me talking the whole time through...

I guess that's about it..CoolLaughing


Please Pray for u our church affected by cyclone need to rebuild again



Moisés Barbosa

Hey sis how are you? GBU

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Do you know the GOD you serve??

In the book of Nehemiah, chapter 4-6.. You read how the officials were against Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. But Nehemiah sought the Favor of GOD. GOD showed HIS Favor and Nehemiah, despite the many oppositions was able to finish the | още

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