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Sorry, I have being away for sometime now, I am still with you in the Spirit. All I need from my friends here is to also remember me in your prayers, God bless you. Kindly pray this |още

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Utrecht, Netherlands (Utrecht)



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0031(0)6 12 15 1904

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Biography Sunday Osagie Eromosele was born in Lagos, Nigeria. The meaning of his name because he was born on Sunday. Osagie is a native name meaning God sent, why Eromosele his surname means Prayer is greater. What a beautiful combination of anointed names. He grew up in Lagos. Later in the 80s his family relocated to Benin City, in a family also comprised of Seven other sisters and brothers. He is the elder son of his parents. His Father was late Mr James Eromosele & Mother, Mrs Elizabeth Eromosele. Sunday is a man called for this specific task & mission as a gospel artist and a minister, through the propagation of the gospel to empower, encourage men & women through his divine God’s gift. It all started in Benin City, in the year 1985, when he joins a Bible Church where he gave his life to Jesus Christ “Deeper Life Bible Church in Benin City”. He was groomed in the ministry, attended the school of discipleship, and became part of the Church workers, being gifted in praises and worship. He started there as a chorus leader. He led the people with his lovely voice in praises, choruses, worship and spiritual songs, both in a cell group or during a long or short distance journey to programs, crusades, camp meetings and retreats. Sunday’s talent was discovered, while he was being advised by so many people to join the “Mass Choir”. In the year 1990, he attended a musical curse called rhythomets of music and graduated in the same year. He was later enlisted to join both the youth and adult choir. Since then, from 1990 – 1997, he sang with the Adult Choir and Youth Choir, that was when He discovers his divine mission and became more active in all church programs, crusades and retreats. He grows up to join the Church Orchestra, played the Tenor Trombone and learned a little bit of the keyboard. He became also a music teacher and taught others in the Church both youth, adult and children rhythomets of music. Between ‘94 –‘95 the State Overseer of the Church called him during one of the retreat program and asked him to lead and raise the children Choir, which he later did and led them to sing a medley hymn “Something is going to Happen” / “Pass me not” during their next state retreat, which was a success. Sunday led a Mass children Choir, for the first time to sing in a very large crowd between 8.000 to 10.000 people present. Sunday left Nigeria in the year 1998 with a deep passion in becoming a bigger Gospel writer and singer, also for a better life, after the sudden passing away of His late father. His journey is called “My Exodus from Africa” through the desert to Europe. His prayer was answered by God who opens his, spiritual eyes, mind, understanding, ears and empowered him with new songs. He got some of his songs while he was in the desert. Some songs he got out from the dreams being inspired, God gave him the ability to receive music direct, along side with the Lyrics immediately from God’s throne above. Sunday experienced an extraordinary open heaven during his journey. His life is a book with many chapters. It was his experience that kept him standing out today, with the testimonies he is holding by God’s grace. He has written or composed more than 300 powerful songs today, comprises of contemporary gospel, Hymns, praises and worship, which he is preparing to release very soon, so please watch out for some of his powerful songs. That will be coming out in the near future. Because of his talent some of his friends gave him a nickname “World Wide”, meaning one day Sunday will be up there. About Sunday Music & Sound Sunday Music & Sound is part of Sunday’s Gospel Ministry. It was founded and registered on September 20th in the year of 2005, in Utrecht by the Sunday O. Eromosele with the assistance of Mrs Petra Eromosele. Sunday is based In The Netherlands known as “Holland”. He is married to Mrs Petra Eromosele a Dutch citizen. They both have 3 lovely boys. Sunday is the director of Sunday Music & Sound. He is an inspirational gospel singer, artist, International songwriter, composer, Organizer of Gospel musical events, crusades and a Minister of the Gospel. In 2006 Sunday released his first debut album entitled “Jehovah The Most High” and launched the CD album the same year. It was later distributed to so many gospel music stores all over Europe and within Holland. The CD was also sent to CD Baby in the USA who distributed it to all the major retail stores, both available in the digital stores today like iTunes and so on. In 2008 he did a remix of the same album entitled “Jehovah…The Most High” Remix with an outstanding live performances in various countries in Europe and so many Churches in the Netherlands. He appears in various magazines, both local and international, like the Voice Magazine, The African Bulletin and some Dutch newspapers. In 2009 he came out with an inspirational DVD as a follow up to his debut album, a first public appearance on television that was aired on the Dutch Gospel TV channel “Family 7”, Ben Television in the United Kingdom and some Africa Channels. He later was interviewed by an International Magazine in Holland called The Voice magazine in which he appeared in the magazine. He also appeared in one of the Dutch newspapers who came to interview him in his house.There has been uncountable testimonies through Sunday’s gospel ministry from the mouth of various people as a result of buying and listening to his CD/DVD and his ministration. So for booking Live Gospel Music & Entertainment, SMS is a growing Gospel Label Company in the music Industry, whose mission is to reach out to all people. His gospel CD’s and DVD’s are all over the net on major Christian stores, aimed at encouraging, empowering people, Christians and doing the Master’s business through his powerful style of music. In 2014 in the month of May. He has successfully released 2 of his newly powerful singles Africa & Shine on me. To order or download this new Single click on the Image Button Buy MP3s. on his website http://www.sundaymusicsound.net/online-store.html or on iTunes, Amazon, and so on. For other CD/DVD go to the online stores. By doing so, you have already contributed to his Ministry. God bless you

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Sunday Music Sound

I will say happy new year to you all my friends over there. I have being away for some time now due to some reasons. To God be the glory am now back.

Sunday Music Sound

I will say happy new year to you all my friends over there. I have being away for some time now due to some reasons. To God be the glory am now back.

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