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pam mol


i will say of the Lord that He is my refuge and my strength, He is my fortress and my strength in times of need...I LOVE YOU JESUS

Моята Молитва

Father in the name of Jesus,daddy i pray for revival in the lives of all your children. All those who have decided to follow you Lord and hav accepted you as their Lord and personal savior |още

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Your Love Ooh God...

time is rolling
days are fading
but my heart remains in one state
stricken but uncertain
shaken but not moved
and i wonder
is it fate or its just me

i stand as i am
trying to find words
but my mind is blank yet my heart is filled to the bream
of expressions and emotions
but i can't unleash anything

i thought i understood
i thought i got it under control
but my heart can't comprehend
i cant take it anymore
i gotta let it out
i just have to testify
for its all i think about
its all i see
it surrounds me with such a majestic power
i feel it, like the air against my cheeks
invisible to the eyes but obvious to the touch
i don't have to go looking for it finds me even in my hiding place

your love is the air that i breath
it is my daily bread
my health, my strength
the courage to go on
it is my freedom
my can and will
it is the light in darkness
my source of hope and faith
for through you i know i can
you saw a star in me
you believed in me
you loved me first your word tells me
your grace and mercy renewed everyday abides by me even though i don't deserve it
when i am down you lift me up
gosh! you love me so much
And i gotta express my sincere gratitude
i am thankful for the love you shower me with
i see your love in all i do
and i love you too
for you are my everything
my all, my beginning and my end
and i will worship you, for i was born to worship you
i live for you, control me, make me vulnerable to you
break me, shake me, mold me, make me and shape me
you are the potter and i am the clay
design me


Metal Warrior

Happy Birthday dear Pamzah. God blees you Dayli

Hopeful Nadya

Thanks Pamza for the friendship.Hope to talk to U soon.Stay blessed

pamzah сега е приятел на [[име]]

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