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Agape Church|Moldova; Republic of


Моята Молитва

Слава Иисусу Христу, Господу нашему!!! Благодарим Тебя Господь за Слово Твое что есть живо и действенно, |още

Присъедитете се в молитва

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Agape Church се присъедини към молитвата Blessing на Moisés Barbosa


Let us stand up and lift up our heads together for the glory of His name by taking the gospel to the world from one city to another, from one village to another, from one person to another. It is time to stand up for the gospel.

TAUBE Lebensdienst

I will be again in Chisinau from 12 to 14 October. I will a forum with invited guests in these days. If you are interested to contact me, please let me kow.

TAUBE Lebensdienst

because for 5 times I have been in Chisinau and til now I don`t contact you - I am sorry, but I was very busy there in meetings and seminars with other followers of Jesus Christ. I am a friend from Marius Simeonas and he told me several times about your church. May be we will meet the next time. I

TAUBE Lebensdienst

Hello Brother and Sisters in Christ, I am Richard from Germany. For some years you are on my friend list, but til now, we have had no contact. Today I recieved the notice from cross.tv about your side concerning the video you put on the site. Spontaniously I will send you post now, becuse ......

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