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Lin Bernard NKA


Ministering encouragement to international students in a spleen bound Norway

Моята Молитва

Pray for the Church in Norway as the Spirit leads you: http://www.kirken.no/bjorgvin/doc/stiftsnytt%202.071.pdf We pray that they will accept the Gospel from foreign ministers , |още

Присъедитете се в молитва

Реклами на общността

Fantoft Christian Fellowship

Welcomes you as

a  new flower in the garden

 a new colour in the rainbow

 a new stone in the building

 a new child in the family

of the Lord

We are a fellowship of christians from all over the world, brought together by studies in Norway. Fantoft is the Residential headquarter for Internation Students. That's where we live and share God's love as a family. We have different cultural and spiritual backgrounds and lots of other differences which are real challenges to our faith and help mould The character of Jesus Christ in us.

Thus we can make a family so far away from home, study and share   the Word of God, pray for the world and intercede for this country (too well organized and secure to think they may need Jesus)


Bergen International Church

We are believers from Norway, Scotland, Canada, Cameroon, China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Australia, Finland, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rumania, Bulgaria, Germany, Tanzania, Holland, Iran, Madagascar, ...

We participate in events organized by churches mostly in singing songs in various languages and why not in sharing the "table" 


We learn from others at the same time as we bring in our input, and there can be real joy.


We are not invisible in the crowd on the National Day. Our peculiarities are highlighted and make each of us feel thankful to God for making us so


Height and size can differ, we still can make positive use of it all

We bring our support to the Norwegian Missionary Society  (NMS) 

We have been acknowledged by The Church of Norway :


(page 7)


We learn to dance to praise songs from other parts of the world

Here dancing to Kurdish christian praise

God brings together in peace and love people from enemy countries.

Our eyes need to see this!!! Could you guess the nationality ???

Of course: Heaven! Kingdom of God!


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pastor mwesigwa

I am pastor Mwesigwa Samuel I need you to be friend on Cross TV and in Christ Jesus, I am from Uganda.

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