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Punjabi Christian Fellowship|United States


Моята Молитва

1 I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven. 2 As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her |още

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1224konrad, David'

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_Isaiah, _John, -david, Alehka, Alejac,
Alex P, ana julia, Arms of Mercy, bapuny,
denny de jesus olivares, dheliza, disertspirit, Divdovas, Elija,
eshua7 .... Покажи всички

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_Amos, _Ezekiel, _Habakkuk, Haggai, Hebrew,
_job, Ajs, lijoraju

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Alja=)), Blessed N Gorgeous,
chivascheco, Chris2010, coolman, Danish Hassan,
JUVITA, pastorwalt, RAJ The disciple,


_Malachi, aabhas, Ablaze Ind,
Asociacion de terapeutas, BENNYSUSAN, cninniah 7,
Cortés Alarcón, faouaz, Galina und Gerhard Herman,
Goldee, Good luck, Jayapal,
jesus christ love ministries, Karlik, MADOU .... Покажи всички

Участник от:

Cité Internationale de Prière (CIP), Diana Hopeson,
Word of Hope International of canada, Герман, Подольный,
Распутние Таня и Сергей

Рожден ден :

Януари 1, 2011

Адрес на църквата :

Sacramento [95860], United States (California)


Sacramento CA

Административен адрес :

Pr Rajan Thomas
14 MCD Flats, Boulevard Road Tis Hazari
Delhi 54
Cell 9811328518 Home 65719869

Деноминация :

Holy Spirit filledl

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Консултиране :

Mohan Ram Simpson

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Младеж :

Jippy Kumar

Деца :

Shamshad Javaid

Жени :

Manjit Kaur

Мъже :

Mohan Ram Simpson

Музика :

david paul

Hitlor comes to life  https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=2547229741961847&attachment_id=336329741056933&message_id=mid.%24gAAkMsSPuUnd6g_7fAV0UrmXhrpbH

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Hitlor comes to life  https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=2547229741961847&attachment_id=336329741056933&message_id=mid.%24gAAkMsSPuUnd6g_7fAV0UrmXhrpbH

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