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Punjabi Christian Fellowship|United States


Моята Молитва

1 I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven. 2 As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her |още

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Зглавие Изпълнител/Говорител Албум / Серия
1Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life 503:41Apostle Joel Reid
2Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life 403:57Apostle Joel Reid
3Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life 100:50Apostle Joel Reid
4Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life 305:16Apostle Joel Reid
5Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life 204:35Apostle Joel Reid
6Radio Ministry Pakistan Punjabi Bible 134:57Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
7Glimps of New Testament1:07:17Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
8Summarized Old Testament in Hindi57:34Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
9Aa Kar Tere Hazur Men03:07Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
10Kitna Hasin Vada Yeh04:57Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
11Radio Ministry Pakistan 727:55Pastor Jasjit Singh
12MASIHI PAIGAM RADIO 625:27Pastor Jasjit Singh
13Christmas da Paigam for Radio Ministry Pakistan 528:24Pastor Jasjit Singh
14Radio Ministry Pakistan 426:04Pastor Jasjit Singh
15Radio Ministry Pakistan 326:26Pastor Jasjit Singh
16Radio Ministry Pakistan 226:19Pastor Jasjit Singh
17Radio ministry Pakistan 124:48Pastor Jasjit Singh
18God's Love Affair with us1:09:55Pastor Jasjit Singh
19Acts 2:38 (Baptism in Jesus name01:34Pastor Jasjit Singh
20Geet Shabnam G02:41Pastor Jasjit Singh
21Only Jesus (Masihi Satsang)33:15Pastor Jasjit Singh
22Blessings (Masihi Satsang)27:11Pastor Jasjit Singh
23MASIHI PAIGAM RADIO/ HS 946:26Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
24MASIHI PAIGAM RADIO/ HS 829:21Rev Dr Jasjit Singh
25MASIHI PAIGAM RADIO/ HS 732:54Rev Dr Jasjit Singh

Страница/ Сайт от 3