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Моята Молитва

Join us to pray for the success of our Summer Workshop and Conferences with Pastor Wayde Goodall this week. Starting from today.

Присъедитете се в молитва

Реклами на общността

Thank you for visiting Vienna Christian Center a "church for all nations" here on the web.  You will find different links on this site that will take you to the fellowship you'd like to worship in. Each of these fellowships carry the same mission, vision and strategy of making a spiritual impact in the lives of those in Vienna, Austria and Europe.

If you don't find what you’re looking for here on the web please call or email us for assistance. We look forward to meeting you at one of our next events or weekend services!

Larry and Melinda Henderson

What to Expect

One Church, Multiple Services, Multiple Locations

We are one church of several fellowships, of people speaking different languages from different cultures, but people who are pursuing a life changing faith. Soon with the completion of construction, we will be a church of multiple locations, holding services at both the Baumgasse Campus and the Rennweg Campuses.

You will find that each fellowship carries the same mission, vision, and strategy of making a major spiritual impact on Vienna, Austria, and Europe for Christ. If you don't find what you’re looking for here on the website, please call or email us for assistance.

Meet us at The Cafe

After service please join us at The Cafe. This is a place for you to connect with others, ask questions, enjoy refreshments and relax.

At Vienna Christian Center's Baumgasse Campus, The Cafe is located on the first level as you enter the main doors or down the spiral stair case from the main auditorium.

What About the Kids?

Kids programs are offerd during our weekend services for ages 4 through 12 years old. Our Greeters will assist you with getting your children checked in. Your kids will enjoy an interactive service that is specifically designed for them.
Contact Us

What About Students?

Here at Vienna Christian Center student ministries help teenagers to connect one-on-one and encourages them to passionately pursue a relationship with God. Please check with individual fellowships for more information about when each student ministry meets together or Contact Us.

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