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Моята Молитва

Pray that there would be lasting fruit from our amazing time in Brazil! God did so much in us and through us and we are completely overwhelmed by His Goodness! Pray for our church in Sao |още

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Населено място

Concord, United States (North Carolina)

Моят статус :

Grateful today.

Моите мисионерски области/полета :

Wherever I am at the moment.

Моите Цели :

Too many to list. Live for God. Honor and Love my wife. Lead and love my kids. Build the Kingdom of God with every resource and gift I have.

Моята Църква :

The Refuge

Деноминация :


работа :


Компания/Организация :

The Refuge (Църква/служение):

Умения & Хобита :


Предпочитани Проповедници :

Whoever proclaims God's Truth and Lives it as well.

Предпочитана Музика :

Any music played well.

Любими Групи/Изпълнители :

Too many to name..... Sting, Bruce Hornsby, Phil Collins, James Taylor, Josh Garrels, Rich Mullins, Billy Crockett, Tom Jobim, Djavan, etc.......

Любими Книги :

Pilgrim's Progress

Любими Филми :

The Mission, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Prestige, The Bourne Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Movies, Any movie about Africa, Oliver! The Musical

Моите Герои :

My Dad

Любими места за почивка :

San Diego, Vienna, Croatia, Brazil, New England, Bermuda

Семейно положение :


Деца :


Моето семейство означава за мен :

they make me better than I really am.


My new blog is up and running at NathanWesleySmith.com/blog #TheBestViewInTown


Updated website launching November 1st with access to free music. Check it out soon at NathanWesleySmith.com


Launching a new ministry website and blog on November 1st. Look for it at NathanWesleySmith.com - Blessing to you and yours today!


our children are sending you birthday wishes


we have orphans in hand, please pray


Happy birthday ahead of time! Don't know when you'll be checking your cross.board - so I thought I'd already post it now. Hope to see you soon!

nathanwesleysmith коментира видеото Elevate Part 4 - Your Worship

A message I preached on Elevating Your Worship by having a higher view of God.

nathanwesleysmith коментира видеото Special Guest : Nathan W. Smith

A message I preached on the last weekend of 2013 called 'History: His Story'.

nathanwesleysmith се присъедини към молитвата Praying for our government на Andreas

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We're Back From Brazil!

Well, we are back!  Click here to see photos form the trip!   I’ll try to update you on what all happened the last few days of our trip.  The entire trip felt like one big crescendo with each days ministry growing in | още

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