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Pray that there would be lasting fruit from our amazing time in Brazil! God did so much in us and through us and we are completely overwhelmed by His Goodness! Pray for our church in Sao |още

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We're Back From Brazil!

Sep 03, 2011

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Well, we are back!  Click here to see photos form the trip!


I’ll try to update you on what all happened the last few days of our trip.  The entire trip felt like one big crescendo with each days ministry growing in intensity.  Saturday was our longest day and the most amazing day...


We rested as much as we could from the night of ministry before and then went to the grocery store to buy milk for the days outreach into Serra Alta, a very poor area of the city.  We took 96 liters of milk door to door and distributed it to the underprivileged families there.  O Refugio has gone into this neighborhood on outreach since the very beginning of the church back in January and you could tell based on the warm reception we received in the community.   The pastors let us know that it had not always been that way and it wasn’t until their third or fourth trip that people really started opening up to them.  Their faithful efforts were rewarded on this outreach especially as a lady at the very first house we visited that day accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!  Two others would do the same during that outreach.  It was an amazing time.  As parents, it was also special for us to have our 7 year old daughter Ella with us on this outreach.  She got to see, first-hand, just how blessed we are as a family and as Americans.  We pray that she will not forget the people and places she saw that day.  


After the outreach we rested and had lunch with some friends from the church out at Sweet Home Farm in Campo Alegre.  We then headed to the Bola De Neve (Snowball) Church in Sao Bento for a night of ministry.  We had been invited by the Pastor there to come lead worship and speak for a special Saturday Night Service.  It was again a testimony to our pastors there and how well they’ve developed relationships in the city among other churches.  


Our friends Marcello and Tatiana back home at The Refuge helped me translate Jared Anderson’s songs ‘Great I Am’ into Portuguese and that night at Bola De Neve I lead it for the first time in that language.  It was unbelievable.  The people just kept singing and pouring their heart out to God.  It was a mighty roar.  I feel very impressed by the Lord that I’m to record the song in Portuguese and release it in Brazil.  The song is too powerful to be kept here in the States.  


After worship I shared some things from the Bible on being the Salt of the Earth.  Afterwards, something happened that has never happened in me before.  I began to get impressions from the Lord that He wanted to heal people in the room and began to give me sicknesses and the gender of the person who had the sickness.  Those who where sick responded and we prayed for their healing.  Tamsey and I both ministered in the alters for quite a while.  It was powerful.


After a long time of ministry so many people stayed that I played a few more songs to end the night.  Since Bola De Neve is kind of a ‘surf culture, laid back style’ church, all of their worship music is done in the Reggae style!  Soooooo, it was a perfect opportunity for me to do my ONLY reggae song, Uniquely Me Completely Yours.  They LOVED it!  We had a great time just singing and enjoying God’s presence.  By the end of the night I was exhausted!


After a short rest we got up Sunday Morning and prepared for service at O Refugio.  My voice was so tired that Eduardo (one of the leaders at the church) and Jean lead worship and then I just shared a song or two before speaking briefly to the church.  Pastor Jean gave a report to the church about all that God had done through the events of the week.  They showed pictures and shared the testimonies of the events of the week so that the whole church could rejoice in what had been happening through their church all week!  I shared briefly from Matthew 5 and then Tamsey came forward and shared a prophetic word God had given her for Pastors Jean and Giuliana.  It was a sweet, sweet time.  


The most amazingly bizarre thing that happened that day involved Twitter.  Months ago I saw a retweet from a Worship Song Writer that displayed a girls’ request for him to say hello to all his fans in Brazil.  I was curious who she was and clicked on her profile.  I discovered that she lived about 45 minutes away form our church there in Sao Bento!  How crazy.  Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and the one person I find lives close to our church.  So we stayed in touch via twitter.  I learned that she was a part of a worship ministry called Marcas Da Promessa and that she would love to meet our pastors there.  Well, Sunday morning as we prepared to start service, she and the entire band showed up in time for church!  They had driven nearly an hour from another city to come experience the church there and meet Tamsey and I!  Too crazy!  They were so wonderful and kind.  We all went to lunch afterward and made some new friends to see again in the future.


After lunch we headed for the airport and said our goodbyes to our dear friends.  It was hard to leave.  It’s always easier though when you know you’ll be back.  


We flew back to Rio De Janeiro and stayed with our friends Cory and Natalia Lewis.  It was so good to be with them in their home.  They were SO very kind to us and took us all over the city.  Natalia had even prepared a tour of historical shops and locations in the city that reflected the origins of Bossa Nova (my favorite style of music that started in that city!)  It was a dream to see such a beautiful city with such wonderful people.  Tuesday Night we boarded our plane at 10pm and woke up Wednesday Morning in Charlotte, NC.  Thanks USAirways for direct flights between Charlotte and Rio!  


Thanks to all of you that prayed, gave and followed our updates on this trip.  We couldn’t do it without the grace of God and your partnership.  Let’s continue to pray that there would be great fruit to come for months ahead because of the time God had us there.  


Mutio Obrigado,

Nathan, Tamsey and Ella Cate