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Pray that there would be lasting fruit from our amazing time in Brazil! God did so much in us and through us and we are completely overwhelmed by His Goodness! Pray for our church in Sao |още

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The Past Few Days In Brazil

Sep 02, 2011

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We made it to Brazil safely and have settled in after a few days.  We haven’t had super accessible internet so we haven’t been able to update everyone as consistently as we had hoped.  But then again, it’s good to be confronted with just how comfortable our lives are back home.  I enjoy the difference and am more grateful for what I do have.  


Ella has done so amazingly well.  We’re so proud of her.  After a long layover in Rio (and a spontaneous bus adventure into the city!) we made it to Curitiba Monday evening and then made the drive south to Sao Bento Do Sul.  It was so good to meet our friends here.  We have had a wonderful time together.


First, let me explain something to you... it is COLD here.  I’m not talking about it’s a little cool.  I’m talking about cold.  It’s winter here and we are in the south of the country so it gets much colder here than in other parts of Brazil.  It’s hard to prepare your mind for winter weather when it’s been close to 100 degrees each day in Carolina!  It’s also hard to think about being as cold indoors as it is outdoors.  Central air and heat is a major luxury here and one that our friends cannot afford.  We truly are a spoiled lot.


Tuesday we had an amazing meeting with area musicians.  It is a testimony to how Jean (the pastor of O Refugio) has reached out to the musical community and built relationships here.  We had about 30 people come.  These guys are the premier players in the bars and clubs of the city; many of which are music teachers.  We met at the church and for many, it was their first time in an evangelical church.  I had the privilege of teaching the Nashville Number System (something they were absolutely fascinated with) and give some insight into home and studio recording.  It could not have gone better.  Afterwards we hung out and I gave my CD’s away for them to take home.  Let’s pray it opens the atmosphere for them to receive Jesus!  


Wednesday we spent time in the city getting to know the area and then had a get together at Jean and Giuliana’s apartment with some of the musicians that came to the workshop.  It was awesome to continue building relationships with these guys.  One of the guys said that God did something in his heart while he was at the workshop.  This is what we’re believing for.  


Tonight, I will lead a worship workshop for area pastors, leaders and musicians.  We already have heard from so many that are coming that Jean and Giuliana are trying to find a bigger location!  We’re so overwhelmed by the welcome we’ve received here by the city and by the church.  It is our prayer to get the city and the church together more and more!!  


Tomorrow Tamsey will speak for a women’s event.  I’m so excited for her.  Pastors wives are responding from all over the area to say that they are coming.  One of the leaders at O Refugio is a teacher here in the city.  She has invited all of the teachers at her school to come tomorrow.  Pray for an open heaven, an impartation of the miraculous and a revelation of Jesus.  We’re expecting nothing less!  


I’ll try to update the blog again before the weekend.  We’ve been invited to play and speak at a ‘Bola De Neve’ church here in town Saturday Night after we do an outreach in the city and then we will minister at O Refuge Sunday.  We are so grateful for your prayers and support.  We could not be here but for the grace of God and friends like you.