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Pray that there would be lasting fruit from our amazing time in Brazil! God did so much in us and through us and we are completely overwhelmed by His Goodness! Pray for our church in Sao |още

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Don't Fall In Love With Caterpillars

May 11, 2011

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I just got back from vacation.  It was so incredibly good.  It wasn't that we did the most amazing things ever.  We went back home to Alabama.  I mean, I've been all over Europe, Brazil and USA (and Bermuda!).  When you put Alabama up against that list it seems pretty lame (and that's not even considering Alabama isn't necessarily a 'world heritage site' to begin with).  It wasn't good because of the scenery or cultural experiences.  It was good because of relationships.  Great relationships.

There's a lot I could tell.  We had a blast down on the Gulf Coast (which is beautiful so cut Alabama some slack).  We had great time seeing friends and family all up and down I-65 and I-85.  But, my favorite time was in Auburn.  Ya, it's a nice town and I enjoy the sports and such but it had more to do with our friends there.  Again... relationships. 

My friend 'Coach' is an awesome guy.  His whole family is amazing and they have been dear friends of ours since 1999.  We became friends years ago when Tamsey and I lived in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL.  We all started a church together and had some amazing times.  We later moved to NC and Coach and Sherry moved to Auburn.  We've been on different paths since then but have been doing the same thing.... building and expanding the Kingdom of God.

I've always loved Coach and Sherry.  They invested in Tamsey and I from the first day we met them.  Coach (Wren) was the Gulf Shores High School girls basketball coach and just an all around great guy.  He liked Brazil (took me on my first trip there in 2001 and the rest is history) had a great sense of humor and enjoyed good music.  I liked him just the way he was and would have been delighted to know him in that same way for the rest of our lives.  What I didn't know was that there was so much more inside of him that I would later get to see. 

When Coach moved to Auburn he and his wife Sherry started a small group at his church for college students.  Well, that group of 20 students has grown to a Wednesday Night service of about 700 college students called ONE Auburn.  I got to go to ONE last week and see my friend Coach do his thing as he shared his heart and the Word of God with all of those students.  It blew me away!  I mean, who is this guy?!  I was overwhelmed in the greatest way and I left that night in complete awe of God. 

How long was this lying dormant inside of him?  How many leaders did he serve under for years that never invited him to break out of the cocoon and fly?!  Now, I certainly believe in 'times and seasons' and Coach told me himself that he wouldn't have been ready to do anything like this before the time that it happened.  I believe him.  But there was so much greatness sitting and waiting patiently for so long.  It made me wonder at God.  Of course, God knew all along.  I wonder how excited He was to see this guy finally get to spread his wings and come into his destiny?  It is amazing and I know there's so much more to come.

What about you?  Is there more inside that needs to come forth?  Probably.  What about your friends?  What about those that serve under you at work or at church?  I guarantee there's more for them.  I left Auburn with a mission.  I want to see people come into their destiny like never before.  It's always been a passion but there is some major fuel on the fire these days. 

Don't fall in love with caterpillars.  Embrace and enjoy people where they are but keep an eye out for wings.  They're in there.  Rather than helping people 'get comfortable in their own skin' call them to greatness and help them take flight.  When they do, we will all stand in awe.... not just of them, but at the Great God that has been preparing them to fly from the day they were born.