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Wandering Around Inside Christianity

Mar 17, 2011

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My generation is a peculiar lot. 

I keep bumping into people in their late 20's and early 30's that are trying so hard to find themselves inside the context of Christianity.  I'm not talking about lost souls trying to find their way to God (though there are many of those out there).  I'm talking about people who love Jesus but are grappling so hard to find they're way through the labyrinth of cultural Christianity and the status quo of modern rock 'n roll church.  I actually understand it all too well.  

I'm not even upset about it.  I'm just concerned for where it leads so many people my age.  In a desire to distance themselves from what they see as hype and platitude they swing the pendulum so far that they (in many cases I've seen) fall out of relationship with the Lord all together.  It's a casualty of 'war' of which I'd like to see less. 

I feel the pull constantly.  I share a lot of the concerns with my friends that are disenfranchised with church.  I often think we major on minors.  I agree that there's not enough focus on social justice in the majority of the 'modern' church.  I  don't like 25 minute worship sets and don't get very excited about video announcements.   But, I also don't believe that everything has to be catered to my ideals and personality.  I think, herein lies the difference.  

Don't get me wrong, I can belly-ache and become hyper critical in a heart-beat.  But there's something of the gravity of God's grace in me right now that pulls me back to the middle and makes me consider it all again.  I can either become jaded and disappointed with the church or I can put more pressure on my personal time with the Lord.  It's not the 'institutions' job to meet 100% of all my spiritual, emotional and physical needs.  That's God's job and I have full access to Him.  He meets me in my personality.  He get's my quirkiness.  He's not intimidated by my melancholic moods.  

Anything that is designed to work in mass is not going to be fulfilling to the individuality of people.  That's a no brainer.  So, for now I let a portion of my needs be met in the corporate environments and another portion be met in my personal time with God.  The third portion is met through my relationships with others.  Just jamming with some friends for longer than 25 minutes :) or writing songs about life and love that nobody in my church will ever sing helps counter-balance my individuality from the needed 'more corporate' side of my life.  

I hope more of my generation will find the balance before they plunge themselves into 'Christian Despair'.  It's not becoming of the glory we carry as Believers.