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Father we pray for everyone who is not as fortunate and who is in need of healing, food or support of any kind. Be with them today. Amen.

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Affiliate Partner Invitation

Jan 29, 2015

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Dear Affiliate Partner with Crosstribution & Lightcast.com!
We hope you had a successful start into the new year - a year of growth and new ventures! We would like to invite you to meet us at the Lightcast.com booth at NRB Convention at the Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, TN, February 21-26. 
Please visit us at our booth in the expo hall, in the center on the right side of the coffee area. You won’t be able to miss the Lightcast booth. This is also a great opportunity for you to generate some revenue for your business. We will have an exclusive offer of a $15,000 gift for each NRB attendant who signs up with an OVP & CDN Service Package with Lightcast (“Video Growth” or higher). 
We would like to extend this offer to all of your clients and leads. Please bring them along to our booth and we will be able to consult them together, help them find the most cost-efficient solutions for their projects and goals and sign them up for the $15,000 gift. 
The full Affiliate Partner Commission goes to you + a signup bonus of one monthly payment which goes straight into your Affiliate Partner Account in addition to the regular commission you will be receiving. There is no limitation to this offer: you can bring as many clients to Lightcast during NRB. 
Make sure to let all of your clients and leads know about the exclusive NRB offer ahead of time so they can make arrangements to attend NRB as well. Let us know if you need tickets to the expo and we look forward to the opportunity to hang out, catch up and see you again. Of course you can also send your clients and leads to our booth without being present yourself. Just make sure they mention that they have been referred by you.
Please reply to this email if you plan on attending NRB and let us know if and apx. how many people you might bring to our booth so we can expect them with the full VIP service.
See you soon!
Your Crosstribution Support Team