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Beeing rescued from an earthy place is not as a blessing as having been rescued from eternal death !!! Thank you Lord Jesus for so precious gift.

Моята Молитва

"E invocó Jabes al Dios de Israel, diciendo: ¡Oh, si me dieras bendición, y ensancharas mi territorio, y si tu mano estuviera conmigo, y me libraras del mal, para que no me dañe! Y LE |още

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Benered Apr 28, 2009 4 Коментари

Heavenly Father, we bless you and are grateful to you, for all good and bad things we go trhu our lives. We know your Word tell us about "last days", please be mercyful with the ones that have not known your word yet. Please let us be there to tell them about your truth; let them only trust your promises in times of sadness and fear like the ones we are living now. Let not any of your sons and daughters catch "pigs flu", and let us be more active spreading your Word. Amen.