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Beeing rescued from an earthy place is not as a blessing as having been rescued from eternal death !!! Thank you Lord Jesus for so precious gift.

Моята Молитва

"E invocó Jabes al Dios de Israel, diciendo: ¡Oh, si me dieras bendición, y ensancharas mi territorio, y si tu mano estuviera conmigo, y me libraras del mal, para que no me dañe! Y LE |още

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Benered May 19, 2009 4 Коментари

Mighty and Beloved Father, Kind, faithful, blessed savior Jesus, I ask you to forgive me if I keep asking you to heal your servant Carlos Cueva, who, as you know, has gone through 3 surgeries of his left eye, without success. You know God his heart and his willingness to serve You. He is waiting for your time to heal him, as you have promised your sons in your Word. Powerful Holy Spirit reveal him whatever sin he may have to confess and repent about, perhaps resentfulness with anyone, he might be keeping inside, or perhaps, its not your time to happen yet, which its different from our time; for your Glory, precious Lord Jesus, my friends at cross.tv, at church and families are asking, if it is your blessed will, to heal him, so he can testify of our faith and love for you, to testify your love for your children, to tell everyone that you are alive and has promises for all who repent from sin and accept YOU as their KING and eternal SAVIOR. We put this matter on your hands, beloved God, and ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen. 1 John 5: 14-15