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Ralph Chambers

ToPray|United States

Retired Sales elderly man who's concern of family, friends and country tend to PRAY-ers Journals.

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With A Friend like You, “OUR” Father, who needs an enemy? We have no friend like Jesus, He's a friend beyond compare. We meet Him here at Your Throne of mercy where He waits for us |още

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Years of daily PRAY-ers Posts from the Most Recent To Pray Today.


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ToPray е писал/а на cross.board на PRAYers

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Mindanao Campus Ministry

Please pray for Evangelistic retreat wwill be on september 13,2014, souls will be save as they hear the word of God will be preach.

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Unbroken Circles

Unbroken Circles

What would you like to do that  you do best among your circle of friends and family even if you never get paid for it | още

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