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Pushpa Carlsson


Life is great, with the best husband in the world :-)

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And when they said "I do"...

Jul 29, 2009

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... they really did!

In case you've been busy somewhere at the other end of the world and perchance haven't heard of it yet, I hereby officially announce, that Charles Dewey Hill the 3rd., wed Margarete (Maggie) formerly known as Topolanek on June 13th 2009 at the VCC venue.
And if it ever so happens to be, that for reasons unbeknownst to me, you unfortunately could not partake in the festivities, I painstakingly took care of fotodocumentig every, in my estimation, precious moment, for the cause of belated participation...

ok, enough formal talk, all I want to say is that Chuck and Maggie's recent wedding was great and very enjoyable, with a rather relaxed atmosphere, which I'm glad about. It was loads of fun, one of the highlights (other than the bride and the cake) being the hillarious, pun-packed, musical-slanted, flip-flopped, sock-play our youth group made up for the couple and I'm sure Chuck and Maggie had their shares of laughs and a fantastic time as well.
And for all those of you, who couldn't attend that day, I've finally managed to put up the gallery with the pictures I shot (sorry, not all of them are of best quality) to give you a little glimps of what you missed out on, but also to relish the great moments we had together.

My congratulations go to the happily wed couple who are currently returning from their honeymoon and surely have lot's to tell and show. Hope to hear from them soon.

Enjoy :)