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Daniel Mullangi

Pastor Daniel|India

I am a Pastor. I lead a small congregation in south India. Blessed with 3 children. Love to win souls by preaching. God bless everyone.

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Pray for Our Ministries, Blessings of Holy Spirit Ministries, Andhra PRadesh, India.

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I am a Pastor. I believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved and I love preaching in the villages about the awesome miracles of Lord Jesus Christ. Praise his mighty Glory


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let God will provide everything you need at home and in ministry of Holy Spirit trough you. Defend them our Father from each evil, each spirit that comes against them! in the name of Jesus Christ .Amen


Praise his mighty Glory; Слава Богу; Аминь Аминь Аминь.

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Pastor Daniel се присъедини към молитва на Verdad y Vida Ministries

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