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Sina Lange|Germany

Hello, you can visit my Webpage www.sina-lange-music.de or in Facebook SLMusic/Sina Lange Music or the new Site in Facebook SLMedia & Art (with my Paintings and drawings) God bless you! :*

We need a lot of Money :( Nov 19, 2011 - Apr 26, 2019 5 Коментари

My father is with the fourth appoplexia in a residental home for elderly since 2 years. He got some money and it doesn't suffice for the price we should pay. We have to pay 1300€ every month. So my mom could only pay the half of this price. Two weeks before ester, we got a letter from an advocate and he wrote, that we had to pay 17.000€ in two weeks. Now my mom had an advocate, because we shouldn't get some grants. Today she have paid for all 5.000 € and my dad has got a new place in another residental home. They have set a date to expulse. The new residental home is a little bit cheaper. But normally,we also can't pay all. The other side is, that we have to nurse him,but we can't do this. Today my mom got the letter from her advocate to pay 961€ before as advanced money. Sadly my mom don't believe in Jesus now, but God is doing something. I can't look helplessly. She don't want to hear. We even pray for her. And now, I don't know,what I should do. So this is the reason,why I pleased you to bet for my mom, that we can get the money to pay all and that somebody come and she open her heart for Jesus and the help she could get. I thank you for your help and God may bless you...