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I need prayer on what I'm doing next. Do I stay or do I go?

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Decsion Dec 14, 2011

I need prayer on what I'm doing next. Do I stay or do I go?

Morning Prayer and Affirmation Nov 02, 2011

Create in me a clean heart Lord and renew a right spirit in me. Purge me cleanse me and make me new. It is not by my own power that I am saved, but your love mercy and blood shed for me. Thank you for your blood help me to die daily to my flesh and be ressurected in you. No good can come of my own rightousness I speak to my mind heart body and soul and commend it to be obedient to the will and word of God. I remind my self who I am in you Lord, I remind my soul and call you your rememberence your promises. There is therefore no condemnation to thoes who are in your Christ Jesus, so I tell my mind I am not bound to my pass mistakes they are washed away by the blood of Christ and I walk in repentence . Today is a new Day and I will live in victory, Authority, peace , love and joy.

CROSS TV ENGLISH May 16, 2011 19 Коментари

Please pray for our Brothers and Sisters in the Southern States of the United States. They are being hit by terrible floods and other natural disasters. Officials in the South faced some tough decisions about having to open spillways and evacuate roughly 2,000 people in order to save the larger cities. Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance in all of these decisions, as they are certain to be difficult ones. Please pray for protection for all of the people affected by these disasters, as they are very trying times. We know we serve a powerful and merciful God, and we pray that His Love shines through in all of this. For more information about the flooding please take a look at our blog http://www.cross.tv/blog/24270