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20 men gang-rape four minor tribal girls in Jharkhand aged btw 12 to 14 years, the girls were abducted from a hostel run by a chrisitan missionary * Kindly pray for the protection of |още

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She walked with me... remembering my mother

Feb 07, 2013

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She Walked With Me.....


It was a bright wednesday morning.. I was running late to school as usual.

My teasing cousins were already set and ready to go.

They waited for a few minutes then decided to leave.. I started to panic then

The driver advised me to be shrewd to be brisk to be active blah blah blah.. nothin went to my head, then left with my cousins to school.

The servant told how lazy I am and how hard it would be for me to cope once i get married

(well who cares young lady.. I have to reach school before the bell rings)

My aunt usually calm and serene gave a few lectures and went abt her work...

I cursed myself for being pathetic...

It was then I saw her watching me, smiling kindly at me. She came next to me packed my food, fed me breakfast made the best CURD rice i have ever tasted.... Combed my hair. Arranged everythin for me.

 Just when I was thinking Isn't she an Angel.. she took my bag, thou her chappal was just a few feet away held my hands and walked bare foot with me. When people of her age have enough reasons to stay at home she walked barefoot with me.

I thought she will leave me around the corner... she didnt. Thought she will leave me once we reach the road.. she didnt.

Thought the wonderful woman with shining golden hair who was once a teacher would be ashamed to come to school wearing an old sarie.. she was not.

 The only thing that mattered to her was holding my hand and taking me safely to School.....

 This is a memory i cherish with al my heart.. a memory which stil brings tears to my eyes...

 A memory which whispers to me tht... LOVE is the most wonderful miracle in the world....