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20 men gang-rape four minor tribal girls in Jharkhand aged btw 12 to 14 years, the girls were abducted from a hostel run by a chrisitan missionary * Kindly pray for the protection of |още

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Christianity on decline in England

Dec 12, 2012

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Today read in daily mail 'Now fewer than six in 10 say they are Christians', felt very very sad reading this..

I am from a small village in the southern part of India (Southernmost to be exact). A region where just a few centuries ago, caste system was widely prevalent. High Caste people prohibited low caste women from covering their upper body.  Low caste people were denied education, they were treated like slaves, made to plough land along with cattle, they were forced to hide themselves when a high caste man travels (naming a few atrocities commited against them).

All these changed due to the goodness of the missionaries who came here from England. I often used to think God heard our ancestors’ cries just like he heard the cries of Israelites in Egypt. Just like Moses, missionaries came and God fought for our rights, they provided us education, trained our women to work, made them to support the families, above all they provided us Christ, Our Savior. They provided us schools, hospitals and everything good and noble.

 Now I can proudly say our region (district) has the highest percentage of Christians next only to kerala, almost 100 percent of the people are literate. It is the only place in Tamil Nadu which has equal number of females and males. Women are treated with respect, they are very well educated. It is one of the most developed, flourishing districts in India. Low caste people are no longer scared of the upper caste, they in fact hold better jobs than the upper caste people. Our community is considered one of the richest communities in Tamil Nadu. Few Christian missionaries changed the life style of an entire community.

As a child, after hearing my mother’s stories of all the sacrifices the missionaries did. I used to think – England is THE PLACE TO BE, PARADISE ON EARTH. It took me few years to realize how people in England have changed… It breaks my heart to think they no longer believe in GOD.  

One day my mother returned from church, she told me that the pastor told the congregation to pray for England, saying the English no longer go to church, they prefer football to Sunday service. That day She told something I will never forget, she said ‘they gave light to the whole world, but now they don’t have light’. I vowed that day I will pray for England every day. But I rarely did. Hope this is a wakeup call, hope this article will make me pray every day. Hope people who read this blog will pray for awakening in England.

Because Jesus Is The Light Of The World… He Is The Light Of Our Soul.. You just need to come to my native to see it.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2246436/Census-2011-religion-dat a-reveal-4m-fewer-Christians-1-4-atheist.html#ixzz2EpU3G1HK
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