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20 men gang-rape four minor tribal girls in Jharkhand aged btw 12 to 14 years, the girls were abducted from a hostel run by a chrisitan missionary * Kindly pray for the protection of |още

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Pray for England 4 Jan 30, 2013 1 Коментар

Father, we pray for Christians to be raised up in the Arts. We pray they would bring glory to the name of Jesus as you inspire them. We ask for protection over those (especially musicians) who become famous. So many, Lord, have been anointed by you, only to turn to the world as they were tempted. Protect your children from falling in the face of many strong temptations. Protect the honour of your name in them. Father, we pray that you would inspire this generation and anoint your children to being glory to the name of Jesus. Amen.