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Temple Of Revelation|United States

Dr Eleanor Phifer - Ambassador P O Box 161054 Louisville, Ky. (40256-zip)

Моята Молитва

I pray all mankind do greater works this year than last year we pray for a supernatural breakthrough for this generations hearts to turn towards God Almighty and the land be healed.

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Dec 03, 2013

Giving Gifts

At Christmas, why do we trive on gift giving, rahter than the gift giver? God!
885 Прегледи

May 29, 2013

Emergency Contact

Who do you contact for an emergency? 411, 911, 811, or GOD?
1,080 Прегледи

May 29, 2013

Do U Know?

What do you do; When you dont know what to do?
1,109 Прегледи

Feb 16, 2013

Dr Phifer

Why has the world focused on the issues and personal affairs rather than the Sin that caused the issues?
1,084 Прегледи