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Sons Of God by Apostle Chad Collins

Jan 28, 2014

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“Sons of God”

John 1:12:But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become sons of God even to them that believe on His name

 This phrase “Sons of God” is an ancient term going back to the beginning of time.  Throughout history cultures have endorsed certain rulers and kings as the Imperial ruler; which were declared as God or the gods’ representative on earth, the divine King, the incarnate god. We must have some understanding of the historical and cultural meaning to properly understand what The Father God is revealing in Christ Jesus the Son of God.  Jesus was declared by birthright to be the “son of David”; blind Bartemeus ‘saw’ something that the people with sight did not see; he perceived that Jesus was the ‘son of David.’ The average Jewish person would have understood this phrase more significantly than the gentiles because this phrase ‘son of David’ was a term coined and reserved for the coming Messiah, who would be the Imperial ruler, The Almighty in the flesh, the Divine King. This was prophesied by the prophets of old like Isaiah who spoke in Isaiah 9:6: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government should rest upon His shoulder and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his Kingdom to order it and establish it … Isaiah was prophesying about a future child who would be the ‘son’. This ‘Son’ would not be an ordinary son based upon the description of him; Isaiah prophesied this ‘son’ as the Wonderful Counsellor, The Mighty God etc.., all terms ascribed to God Himself.  This ‘son’ would not only be the son of David but the “Son of God” Himself.  Notice the prophet connects this ‘son’ to the throne of David.  The scribes and scholars of the Hebrew people knew and taught from this prophecy that the messiah would be the ‘son of David’ but also the “Son of God” the Divine King; The Imperial ruler, and God in the flesh, who would establish the Kingdom forever. 

 The New Testament Apostle John makes a marvelous statement in the 1st chapter of St. John. He starts out by declaring this concept of the Word and that this Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Then he gives us a revelation in John 1:12- But as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the ‘sons of God’ even to them that believe on His name.

 ‘Sons of God’:

Paul later mentions this phrase in conjunction to believers in the book of Romans and the letter to the Galatians. Paul declares in Romans 8:14- For as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God.  The condition is being ‘led’ by the Spirit.  The first 17 verses of Romans 8 are about the life of the Spirit or living in the Spirit. Sons are not sons after the order of the flesh but of the Spirit. What does this mean? Those that are ‘walking’ as sons are those who are dominated by the Spirit- Spirit dominated beings; operating under the direct influence of the Spirit of God; under the authority of the Heavenly Kingdom.  A believer’s highest calling in life is to be a son; a son of God; however, many are called but few are chosen. This simply means; one who walks as a ‘son’ is a believer yielded and submitted to the operation of the power of the Spirit; that’s why John says He gave us the “power” to become the sons of God.  The power to become is the operative power of the Holy Spirit; sons have direct contact with God the Father and deal with Him directly.  Sonship is more than salvation but about relationship; authority given out of a personal relationship and intimacy with Jesus. Yes all believers are called to be sons but all believers do not walk as sons.   Sons are the new creation not of the flesh but of the Spirit.  Jesus came to make us sons; heirs of the promise. Only sons are heirs to their Father’s estate and Christ came to make us joint-heirs with Him to Father’s Kingdom. The endowment of the Spirit is the conferring of Sonship; endued with power from on High; this is the royal clothing to stand as an heir of God.  Jesus is the begotten Son; whereas, God has made us the adopted sons.  When Christ returns in all his glory every true believer shall be changed and be like him and enjoy sonship but believers now can enjoy the benefits of sonship through the work and power of the Holy Spirit.  Paul is telling us that in Romans 8:14 (see above). Sons are those who operate in the Spirit; they operate in their adopted DNA, the adoption of the spirit where they cry abba Father; a place of true intimacy and exchange with Father God Himsef; an intimacy so close that He reveals himself to you as ABBA. ABBA is a term of endearment; a relationship where the Father not only deals with you but you deal with Him. Sons are recognized by the Spirit; not by human prestige, money, popularity, charm, talent or personality but men and women matured and operating in the power of the Spirit. Sons carry great authority for they walk “in the Spirit” or in the authority of the Kingdom.  A son is an heir; a prince of royal authority. His sonship is legitimate only by the operation of the Spirit, not knowledge alone. Declaration of sonship without a genuine move and manifestation of the Spirit is illegitimate.  Many are professing but are illegitimate without the Spirit. Many are ‘children’ but not ‘sons’; children have the Spirit but with sons, the Spirit has them.  Children possess the Spirit of God but Sons; the Spirit of God possesses them, (Possession as in totally yielding to the operation of the Spirit’s power.)

 A son is not a friend of the world but a friend of God; his alliance is to God only! His priority is the Kingdom and Christ. Sonship is walking in the authority of the spirit.  For example a young child is technically a son but due to his immaturity we deal with him as a servant.  Meaning we tell him what to do, how to do; he as very little authority, yet he is a son. But those walking in sonship due to the operation of the Spirit walk in Father’s authority.  That’s why Jesus said when you see me you see the Father; He walked as THE SON, thus our example.  Jesus is exclusively the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON- divine, eternal and God; however we are the ‘adopted’ sons; human but conferred upon us the glory of God. Christ is in us reconciling the world to God.

We are ‘called’ to be sons but many walk as servants, mere men as Paul put it- slaves to the flesh and the dictates of this world. Not taught to understand and receive the marvelous baptism and power of the Spirit; the earnest or chief of our inheritance. Whereas sons are dominated by the Spirit supplied supernaturally through faith; walking and experiencing the gifts and signs and wonders of the Spirit; and experiencing the divine love of the Father which He shed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Sons are prophetic in nature fulifilling Joel 2:28, 29 – in the Last days saith God; I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; your sons and daughters will prophecy; your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions, and also upon the servants and handmaids in those days I will pour out my spirit.

Sonship in regards to the Kingdom of God is not a philosophy but an enduement of power from on High. The Kingdom in you

Manifested by the power of the Spirit whom glorifies Jesus and testifies of Christ finished work on Calvary and His glorious resurrection!