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The deceitfulness of the flesh by Apostle Chad Collins

Mar 04, 2014

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The sin nature of the old man is oblivious to the things of God.  The old man CANNOT know or enjoy the things of the Spirit.  The flesh is bound in iniquity wrapped in sin blind to the ways of the living God.  A Christian who lives  solely on the flesh nature is not really a Christian at all he is really deceived.  The sin nature is under the curse of sin and death; a hex. Sanctification is the sole proprietor that gives new life through the new man.  The new man is nothing like the nature of the old man; the old nature is driven by emotions, feelings, and lust.  The new man has feeling but the 'feeling' is of another dimension, a place of total connection to it's source The Father.  This is the great mystery of holiness; we are to overcome sin, flesh, and the devil.  The flesh nature is the instrument that satan uses to manifest his corrupt devices and schemes; he plays on the flesh natures pride and selfishness manipulating it to fulfill his own pride and rebellion.  A Christian is one born of the Spirit; the new man, a person that walks and communes with God. Sanctification is not optional it is absolutely essential to carry out the will of the Father in our lives.  True sanctification is the effectual working of the Holy Spirit in our inner man- thoughts, feelings, disposition, and heart.  An influx of the LOVE of God generated by the Holy Spirit in and through us; which can only really be experienced through sanctification. Sanctification is on-going but has a point of true conversion.  Not conversion in the sense of converted to a belief system but converging into this baptism or spiritual washing . There is a baptism or introduction to the sanctifying power of the Spirit. A yielded life where one is yielded to the Spirit rather than the dictates of the flesh.  The Word becomes flesh in us by the Spirit who sanctifies us as 'sons'. Lust destroys or at least hinders the fruit of holiness produced by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. The flesh nature's natural instinct is to rebel against God; this is instinctive not just a conscious decision.  This instinctive behavior manifests in various ways such as lust, stealing, adultery, drunkenness which are the obvious. However this behavior reveals itself in religion, works, and piety which are worthless attempts to justify the old man. This may be the worse behavior because Jesus said whoa to you when what you think is light is darkness. This type of behavior serves as a cover up much like the law of the OT. The sin offering of animals was a cover up but not having the power to change the original sin  nature of man. The old man must be destroyed or (as Paul put it) put to death.  How is it destroyed?  By the anointing - it's the anointing that destroys the yoke- the yoke of the old man, the sinful nature, the man of lust.   Priests in the OT were sanctified by the anointing oil; this 'anointing' oil set them apart to minister before the Lord. This is a type of the anointing of the Spirit on and in the NT royal priesthood; an anointing to literally sanctify us to minister before the Father. This anointing destroys the bondage of the gripping, blinding nature of the old man, rendering it ineffective! This same anointing can heal the sick and raise the dead.  The anointing of a person was to transfer or impart the 'virtue' of another; the anointing transfers the virtue of Christ in and upon us. We must yield to the anointing of the Spirit - we must cherish and surrender to Him.