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Visions from Lord: Russia & U.S. by Apostle Chad Collins

Mar 14, 2014

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I just awakened from this dream around 6am Friday March 14th , 2014

Dream as follows:
"I was driving through this area of some city and there were huge project buildings desolate, building after building. I wasn't sure what city it was and as I drove I wondered why the remains of the buildings still were left standing and why they just didn't tear them down. 
Scene switched and I was in some conference room and a man was reading off the Dow jones report as it was printing; I was sitting directly beside him looking at the report as it printed. 
Then I was in another room (like a private conference or war room) I could hear people monitoring something on some type of map on a screen. I heard someone say Russian warships have begun to manuvere in a certain body of water (I do not recall) but on the screen like map I could see them map the route in which the Russian warship went and it was if it routed toward the northern parts of the earth. The people speaking (United states) were very concerned"