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Dream & interpretation- U.S. & Russia by Apostle Chad Colins

Mar 14, 2014

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Dream from a Pastor in which the Spirit of The Lord gave me (Chad Collins) the understanding on February 22nd 2014  
Dream: Pastor and his brother were suddenly living very 'close' together and they looked up in the sky and saw "7 moons" in alignment but saw a Russian aircraft and a US aircraft taking pictures of the sky.  A preacher in the dream said ; "this doesn't mean anything prophetically and walked away" 
Interpretation does not come by man but by the Spirit of The Lord by a divine gift:
Meaning of the dream:  the moons represent an an undisclosed time (hidden)- the 7 of them represent the the alignment of 7 major nations. There will be a time soon during this alignment of nations that peace between Russia and US will turn to war.  The 7 is not years but nations- a "time" soon that this will break down into war.  This will be a time of trouble ! The meaning of the preacher is that many preachers don't see this but The Lord shows His secrets to the prophets; this will come to pass - end of interpretation! 
Pray for our nation an Angel came to me in December and walked me through the different lands of this nation and mentioned this land could become desolate.  
We are in a pivotal time in our nation - the sins of the nation are becoming exceedingly wicked. 
God's love and grace is available if we repent and turn back too Him.