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Marie Linda Pit


In a relationship with Gary/// en couple avec Gary

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Thank you Lord for looking at our hearts instead of the way the world sees,only at the exterior ...because on the exterior ,I'm a sinner,but inside me is a burning love and longing for YOU |още

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Hi Dear, (capt.h.donoho@gmail.com) I am Capt. Hannah M. Donoho, From Orange, Connecticut, United States, I am US Army Special Force Team working at US military base in Libya i saw your profile today and I love it, and decide to drop few words to you because you match the type of person i will like


Hello Ilove you very much ,because of Jesus christ in you and in me the same light light shine in darkness .thank you pastor robert

Fishergirl е писал/а на cross.board на Vladimirrr

Fishergirl се присъедини към молитвата Glorious Father's call на vava

Fishergirl [[name] добави новa галерия september 2013


Good environment, good environment!

Fishergirl [[name] добави новa галерия My pictures

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