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GHSM (Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries)

Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries was founded by Bro.K.v.h.bala subramanyam (Paul Benjamin). Jesus Christ  saved him from a Gentile community and saved him miraculously from the clutches of sin (Romans 6:23).Jesus Christ called HIM for HIS ministry from Jeremiah 1:4-6.When he dedicated and surrender his life to HIM for HIS ministry.Lord given him a revelation to start "Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries". Jesus Christ performing signs, wonders, miracles, in HIS ministry (Zechariah 4:7-'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts.). Founder of this ministry is having burden , vision , passion for the lord's ministry. Through this Ministry he wanted to perform  and conduct programmes according to guidance of the Holy Spirit.You can see briefly under the home -under Activities.Founder of this ministry having desire for sake of perishing souls and for ministry in villages in India.Still he is having anxiety and desire to work with  the Holy Spirit and with the like minded ministries having partnership with them and  who are having desire , burden and passion for ministry in unreached areas in Villages in India.


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GHSM се присъедини към молитвата A Throne Relationship на vava

GHSM актуализира лична страница

GHSM актуализира лична страница

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GHSM GHSM (Glorious Holy Spirit Ministries)

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